Video Camera Inspections

With its full line of video camera inspection technology, Edward Hughes & Sons has the capacity to look inside of your drain line to assess the exact nature of damage, build-up or other obstruction or issue.

For the greatest "view" of your drains and pipes using video camera inspections, a technician will run a flexible line with a small video camera attached to it into the drain for inspection. This gives you, and the technician, a clear picture of the pipe, and it allows the technician to pinpoint the exact location of the obstruction or build-up that is preventing optimal pipe functioning. Video camera inspections can locate the following issues with unparalleled accuracy:

  • Damaged pipes that are splintered or broken.
  • Pipes that have shifted in the ground.
  • Blocked pipes.
  • Deteriorated pipes.
  • Leaking pipes.
  • And more.

How Video Camera Inspections Save Money

Video camera inspections offer an unrivaled way to accurately detect where and to what degree drain lines are in need of repair. This prevents exploratory guesswork that can cost more in time, frustration and money. Greater accuracy means fewer service needs, fewer effects on your property and, overall, less expensive repairs.