Vacuum Jet Services

Vacuum jet services clear obstructions in pipes and other drainage systems by literally sucking the cause of the obstruction out of the way through a high-powered vacuum suction machine.

Able to handle both wet and dry environments, vacuum jet services are commonly used to remove materials from storm drainage systems, sewer systems, wet wells, sump cleanouts, pump lift stations -- or virtually any play where debris and the remainder of collection systems needs to be removed.

Our vacuum jet services are also equipped with sewer jetting (high-powered water cleaning) for pipeline cleaning. The dual action of the sewer jetting and vacuum services makes sure your lines are cleaned of obstructions, and those obstructions are suctioned out to make sure they don't move to another area of pipe.

How Preventive Services Save Money

Regular vacuum jet services, set on a monthly or yearly basis, for instance, will not only keep your lines clean -- it will save you money. Setting up vacuum jet services means that you can avoid emergency calls that are more expensive and, of course, a cause of unnecessary stress and service interruption. Regularly scheduled preventive services are available for a discounted rate.