Cannot be more thankful to have used Edward Hughes & Sons for our sewer problems. They stayed a total of 11 hours with no break just to help solve our problem which they did with ease and worked very long into a friday night! I cannot stress enough how great they were and beyond helpful.
Emma K., Philadelphia, PA.

Hughes Plumbing came out to fix the toilet in the apartment we were renting. They was extremely knowledgable and very nice. Financially - he dealt with our landlord. Futhermore he explained all of the issues in detail and what was needed to solve them. Definitely recommend this company!
Jacque S., Bensalem, PA.

I first called them up expecting to need to schedule an appointment later in the week. I was told I could expect a visit on the same day. Additionally, I received two callbacks prior to their arrival letting me know approximately when I should expect them to arrive.
Michael K., Philadelphia, PA.