Sewer Jetting Services

While the concept of sewer jetting is simple, the results of this pipe-cleaning strategy can be terrific. Basically, sewer jetting uses high-pressure water-blasting to clear away build-up or debris that affects the normal flow of sewer and drain lines.

It is regularly used near restaurants and other commercial properties where nonstop water/drain use can lead to frequent build-ups from grease and other obstructions.

Sewer jetting with high-powered water flow has the strength to clear the most obstinate build-ups, leaving your pipes free of debris across the entirety of their length and circumference. Best yet, because the water flow is concentrated within the pipes, sewer jetting does not cause damage to other in-ground structures or pipe lines.

How Preventive Services Save Money

Regular sewer jetting, set on a monthly or yearly basis, for instance, will not only keep your lines clean -- it will save you money. Setting up regular jetting services means that you can avoid emergency calls that are more expensive and, of course, a cause of unnecessary stress and service interruption. Regularly scheduled preventive services are available for a discounted rate.