Pipe Locating

Pipe locating technology takes the guesswork out of finding drain lines that are broken or in need of repair, saving you money and limiting the need for extensive excavation in your yard or property.

Using modern technology, pipe locating allows a technician to accurately detect nearly any manner of pipes or cables underground. Using a transmitter, the pipe locating technology creates a virtual map for the technician, who can then locate metal, concrete, plastic or other types of pipes, as well as power lines and electrical lines.

Through radio signals transmitted from underground, a technician can accurately locate a break in a pipe or can detect existing sewer lines that are necessary for new installation. The pinpoint-control means that jobs are smaller, easier, less labor-intensive and less expensive.

How Pipe Locating Saves Money

Pipe locating is an accurate way to detect drain lines and to find the exact location of a disruption. This high level of accuracy translates to fewer service needs, fewer effects on your property and less expensive repairs.